Dr. Alice Nguyen - Chiropractor, Founder Awaken Life Wellness


B.Biomedical Science (Adelaide University)

Masters of Chiropractic (Macquarie University)

Certified Applied Kinesiology (ICAK)

Certified Neuro Emotional Technique Practitioner (USA)

Practitioner NLP, Meta-Coach (ACMC)

200 YTT and Yoga Therapy

Qualified Doula (Australian Doula College)

Alice has a special interest in using a mind-body integrated approach to optimal health and wellbeing. She strongly believes in the unlimited potential of the human frame applied through consistent whole-foods nutrition, MMA (movement, mobility, activation), and most importantly, emotional processing and mindset strategies.

She has completed further training in functional neurological orthopaedic rehabilitation, plant-based nutrition,detoxification, and is currently completing a post-graduate diploma in Animal Biomechanical Medicine. She uses a combination of low force, instrumentation and gentle manual chiropractic adjustments, cranial-occipital techniques, rehab and coaching to optimise outcomes in her programs.

She offers a safe and gentle environment for families, athletes, pregnancies, influencers, educators...Every individual is unique and is assessed based on their goals.

Outside of the office, Alice is dedicated to volunteering in communities with limited access to chiropractic care. She has provided support in disadvantaged communities in the Philippines, Dominican Republic, Haiti (post 2010 earthquake) and Nepal. She has also worked with the Indigenous communities in Kununurra, Bowraville and Nambucca Heads in various medical centres through Hands on Health initiatives, a not-for-profit which she was a board member for several years.

Alice holds a 3rd Dan blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do, and is the current National (including NSW and SA) 2018 Bikini Champion with the prestigious International Federation of Bodybuilding IFBB Elite. She has also been an ethical vegan for 6 years, and is passionate about thriving on a fit, cruelty-free and sustainable lifestyle.

Emma Paton - Chiropractic Assistant Extraordinaire

emma bio

Emma has been passionate about helping others for as long as she can remember. After graduating high school, Emma completed a Bachelor of Psychology, with the hopes of gaining the skills to work in the mental health profession. Upon graduation, Emma travelled to Europe and caught the travel bug. She has since spent several summers in Europe working as a tour guide, spending the majority of her time in the Greek Islands. It was also during this time, she became passionately vegan and once she researched all the health benefits of a whole-foods plant-based diet, her interest in health and nutrition grew.

In late 2016, Emma returned to Sydney and connected with Awaken Life Chiropractic. The timing was synchronous and Emma felt her new role in the studio resonated deeply with her values and beliefs. Dr. Alice encourages her team to always pursue their passions and purpose; and so, in addition to being a Chiropractic Assistant Extraordinaire, she also pursued another of her passions – performing – and successfully auditioned for the role of Elphaba in Willoughby Theatre Company’s Wicked in 2017.

In 2018, Emma’s passion for health grew even deeper and she decided to enroll in a Bachelor of Health Science – Naturopathy at Endeavour College of Natural Health. After a successful first year, she has decided to continue her studies in Melbourne for 2019. Emma loves practicing yoga and Capoeira, and hopes to complete her yoga teaching training in India some day. Her dream is to one day open a self-sustaining, eco-friendly health practice/yoga retreat/animal sanctuary.

Whilst her presence is greatly missed, Emma is still involved in a support role with Awaken Life Chiropractic. Our practice members will still see her at the Awaken Life Chiro stalls at future Sydney Vegan Markets!

Emily Atkinson - Chiropractic Assistant Extraordinaire


Emily is half Australian and half English, but was born and raised in the Middle East. She absolutely loves connecting with people and spending time with friends. She has a background in event planning and management, but health and wellness is also her passion!

Emily became vegan just over a year ago and in her words- "it was the best decision I ever made for my health, the animals and the planet. It was important to me to decide to live a cruelty free lifestyle (well, causing as little harm as I can possibly manage - no one is a perfect vegan) because it finally meant I could align my habits with my morals. I couldn’t morally justify wearing, eating or exploiting beings that I claimed to love so much.

Health and wellness is important to Emily because she understands that healing begins with the integration mind, body and soul. She realized that if she is as healthy as she can be in every aspect of her life, she is in the best position to help others achieve the same! Spreading kindness and learning more about plant-based nutrition are part of her many dreams, and she aims to pursue them in any way she can. Her hopes are that being a part of the Awaken Life Chiropractic community can help her take another step towards achieving this.

Emily is very much looking forward to meeting you all, and having you being a part of her journey!

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